Meet the Lemma Team


Eli Forrester, Chief Executive Officer

Eli is a clean energy entrepreneur focused on emerging markets and new business models. He founded Volta, a clean energy finance company based in Ghana that installs solar PV for hospitals, schools, farms, and businesses. Volta was featured as a Top 10 solar startup in the world at the 2017 World Expo in Astana, Kazakhstan. Prior to working in Africa, he was an energy policy analyst at Silicon Valley Leadership Group and an author for Clean Disruption, an online publication tracking the future of energy of transportation. Outside of work, Eli enjoys cooking, backpacking, watching the Red Sox, and seeing live music.

Trisha Hadley, Chief Technology Officer

Trisha is a software developer, designer, and digital nomad. She’s currently at Territory Foods leading UX and Design. Previously, she worked as the lead engineer at BoardVitals, and in another life as a research scientist at Abbott Molecular. Trisha holds a Master’s in Physiology and Biophysics from Georgetown University; her thesis work analyzed the neuroscience of creativity as it relates to mindfulness. You can usually find her wandering around the world, drinking tea, or anywhere with live music.

Zach Roth, Chief Product Officer

Zach is a blockchain expert, cryptocurrency miner, and product leader focused on growth and organic optimization. Currently, Zach is a growth advisor at Coinbase,, and He has spent the last 10 years working on jobs products at Glassdoor, Bright, and most recently leading the careers search team at Linkedin. Zach’s has been a part of two successful startup exits, first with being acquired by LinkedIn, and most recently with GIF startup being acquired by Google. When not nerding out on gaming or crypto, Zach enjoys traveling, live music, and playing with his new English bulldog puppy Indi.

Molly Emerson, Director of Business Development US

Molly is a renewable energy analyst turned project developer, currently siting utility-scale energy storage projects for a more flexible, reliable, and renewable grid at Plus Power. Prior to Plus Power she worked as a sales engineer and analyst at Tesla and SolarCity, building out value propositions for energy storage applications and renewable micro-grids. Molly holds a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from Yale University where she focused on climate policy and environmental economics. Molly enjoys backpacking, snowboarding, and driving her '72 VW bus into the Sierras to go swimming in alpine lakes and hot springs.

Marjolein Shiamatey, Director of Business Development EU

Marjolein is a seasoned tech and sustainability entrepreneur. She’s currently at Google in Dublin and leads Lemma’s European development. Marjolein has started and grown renewable energy companies in West Africa, the Netherlands, and the US. In 2017, she was listed in the Top 100 most successful entrepreneurs in sustainability in the Netherlands, and in the Top 50 entrepreneurs in sustainable real-estate development by ABN Amro. She holds a Master’s in Physics from the University of Amsterdam. In her free time, she enjoys playing the viola, meditating, and spending time with family.